Florida Cop Purposely Botches Roadside Drug Test And Arrests An Innocent Man, But Is Caught On Video

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Police body camera footage shows a Florida sheriff purposely botching the results of a roadside drug test during a traffic stop, and then arresting an innocent man.

The video which was obtained by Reason and filmed last April 17, 2018, shows Florida resident Steve Vann being stopped on the road during a routine traffic stop by former Jackson County Sheriff’s deputy Zachary Wester. The police searched the vehicle and Wester pulls out a small plastic from the center console to test it for methamphetamines using the Nark II field test. As per the manufacturer of the field test, the results “will develop an immediate (within 2 seconds) Dark Blue color as a positive reaction after breakage and agitation of the 3rd ampoule. If the color development is an immediate Pink slowly transforming to Lavender, you do not have either Methamphetamine or MDMA.”

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Although the results of this small plastic bag clearly turned red, as seen in the footage, Wester claimed it was ‘blue’ and pressured Vann to admit that he had knowledge of the methamphetamine found inside his car. Vann continued to deny this and was even brought to tears at several points. As a result of this routine traffic stop, Vann was charged with possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

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Wester has had a history of bad policing, since he was hired in 2016. State prosecutors have dropped more than 100 cases where this infamous sheriff was involved in, after another camera footage was released last September 2018, which showed the officer allegedly planting drugs in yet another car. Included in the 100 dropped cases was Vann’s charge. Wester was fired immediately after this incident.

More than a dozen of Wester’s victims have filed federal lawsuits against him. Many of his chosen victims had prior criminal records due to drug possession, which made them easy targets. No one wold believe their world against a Sheriff’s word. All charges would likely stand if Wester had not been seen in the camera footages and he would still be patrolling the streets of Florida.

Watch the video below.

Florida Deputy Falsifies Meth Drug Field Test On Video, Then Arrests Man

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office uses the Nark II field test and a positive result for methamphetamines should turn the solution blue, but the test stays red as you can see beginning at 3:25. Of course, the results didn't stop deputy Zachary Wester from arresting Steve Vann

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